Baltimore Airport Informational Guide to Baltimore–Washington Airport (BWI) - NON OFFICIAL

BWI Parking

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BWI Parking

BWI Parking consists of four parking options.

Passengers and drivers may know that Handicapped Parking is available all along the outer perimeter of Level 5 of the Hourly Parking Garage.

Hourly Garage

It is the BWI Parking options which is closest to the Main Terminal with covered parking spaces.

To reach the parking space drivers can access to I-195.

Electric Charging Stations are located on Level 1 of the Garage.


7051 Friendship Road Baltimore, MD 21240


- Price per hour: $4.00
- Maximum per day: $22.00

Daily Garage

It is a covered parking located at Terminal Road and Scott Drive.

It has a free shuttle service that links the daily parking garage with the terminal.


740 Scott Drive, Baltimore, MD 21240


- Maximum per day:$12

Express Parking

Probably one of the most comfortable parking lots at Baltimore Airport.

It offers Personalized Service with trunks to reach the terminal.

Shuttle buses pick passengers at the parking spaces and there is a service to help with the passenger’s luggage.


741 Scott Drive, Baltimore, MD 21240


- Maximum per day: $10

Long Term Parking

It is the most economical parking option at Baltimore Airport and can handle up 10,000 vehicles.

There are two surface lots with covered parking spaces (for business as well).

There is a shuttle service that connects the Long Term Parking with the terminal.


- Lot A - 7160 Aviation Blvd Baltimore, MD 21240
- Lot B - 7161 Aviation Blvd Baltimore, MD 21240 (closed: temporary under renovation works)


- $8 a day

Cell Phone Lot

Drivers can wait up to an hour to pick up passengers at the BWI.

It is located on Scott Road, just to the right of the Daily Parking entrance.

Commercial or courtesy vehicles are not allowed and drivers must attend their vehicles all the time.


742 Scott Drive, Baltimore, MD 21240

How to get there?

The Parking Shuttle runs between the Main Terminal and the different BWI Parking options: Long-Term A, B and the daily garage every 5-10 minutes on peak hours.

electric vehicle charging

There are no slots available for electrical charging at BWI Airport.