Terminal Baltimore Airport BWI

Baltimore airport (BWI) has one Main Terminal with five Concourses: A, B, C, D and E. It operate with International and Domestic flights.


The terminal building has two levels: the Lower and the Upper Level.


- Lower Level: There is the Baggage Claim Area, there are some cafés, the Police, the Lost and Found Office and it is the level where passengers can pick up the ground transportation (Light Rail, Limousine, Parking Shuttle/Amtrak-MARC, Public Transit Regional Bus/MTA, Supreme Airport Shuttle, Taxi Stand and Car Rental Shuttle).


- Upper Level: There are the five concourses, gates and other services as stores, restaurants, cafés, among others.


Concourse A and B

Only Southwest Airlines operates at these concourses. In total there are 25 gates. Concourse C: it has gates from C1 to C14. The airlines that operate at the concourse are: Alaska Airlines, American and Southwest Airlines.


Concourse C

Is connected to Concourses A/B by a secure connector.


Concourse D

It has a total of 38 gates: D1-D5, D7, D8, D10-D16, D21-D42, D46 and D47. The airlines that operate at this concurse are the following ones: Allegiant Air, Air Canada, Delta, JetBlue, Spirit and United Airlines.


Concourse E

Has 5 gates: E1, E3, E4, E6 and E8. It is the known as the International Terminal, but officially its name is Governor William Donald Schaefer International Terminal. The airlines that operate at the terminal are: Air Mobility Command, British Airways Condor, Sunwing, Xtra and WOW. British Airways has a Lounge in Concourse E.